View ExcerptAll worldviews require a leap of faith, but not all leaps of faith are the same. A “one-stop shop” for the rational evidence for Christianity. The Shortest Leap presents the scientific, historical, biblical, and explanatory underpinnings of the Christian faith, demonstrating that faith in Jesus requires the shortest leap.

In addition to providing proactive evidence for Christianity, The Shortest Leap responds to the numerous shots fired at biblical Christianity by atheists, critics of Christianity, and other skeptics.

The Shortest Leap answers a wide range of difficult questions, including:

  •   Is the Bible consistent with the findings of cutting edge, secular science?
  •   Was there really a man named Jesus, or is he just a myth?
  •   And even if he did exist, aren’t the events of Jesus’ life and his teachings as described in the New Testament merely fabrications of the earliest Christians?
  •   Does the historical evidence support the claim that Jesus rose from the dead?
  •   To understand who Jesus really was, why shouldn’t we consider other documents outside the Bible, such as the Gnostic gospels?
  •   Why were some documents excluded from the New Testament?
  •   Did Jesus really claim to be God, or did the earliest Christians just want to believe that?
  •   Is the Old Testament still relevant? Does it really point to Jesus hundreds to thousands of years before he lived?
  •   How does the salvation by grace of Christianity differ from the salvation by works of all other religions?
  •   Why can’t I just believe in the Jesus that I like the best?
  •   How can I be sure I have eternal life?

No other apologetics book on the market answers such a wide range of questions.

Whether you are a non-Christian exploring the reasons people believe Jesus is God, or you are a Christian wanting to grow deeper in your faith or share your faith with the others, The Shortest Leap is the perfect book for you.